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Are You Drinking the Kool-Aid?

I overheard someone at the coffee shop talk about, they were sleep-training their child, and it made me sad. As I am on my own journey back to myself and trying to unlearn all of the ways of thinking and being that society has a place upon us, I see how far we all are from our truest self. We have adopted ways of being so far removed from our true self that we are diseased ridden, unhealthy, depressed, and anxious. We have gotten so far away from ourselves that we don’t even know who we are. Most of us don’t know where others thinking ends, and where ours begins. I thought of the reference to the Jim Jones, the one who sold people a story and convinced them to drink the” Kool-Aid” and take their own lives. If you hear people who do bring up that story or someone references it, most people say how they could never fall for something like that. Not even realizing that most of us drink that Kool-Aid every day and don’t even know it. It now looks different and comes in so many different varieties that we are unaware to how similar it is. Going back to my original point, sleep training as one of (but certainly not the first) of the first of the many deviations from our true selves and nature. Now 37 years later I am trying to identify and separate what is me from who I was trained to be. I think society trains out our true nature to get it to be what it wants it to be. I am seeing now more than ever, or at least from what I know that people are realizing on larger scale how far we are from our true selves. I seek a community of others who are more aware of themselves, who are journeying back to their self and their true nature despite what others think. A community who consciously creates and takes responsibility for how they show up in the world. For now as I am on my own journey and making sure to be aware of not feeding my children the “Kool-Aid” and being consciously aware of when I drink it myself. Until next time…

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